Descent to the Underworld – Star Wars: 1313: Web Documentary

Here’s a Star Wars 1313 web doc introducing us to the underworld in the game.

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  1. I can't wait for a SW game that brings literal open world cities to the picture. Basically Grand Theft Speeder. The Star Wars universe is big enough to be featured in a GTA clone and not an RPG.

  2. We the hel does anyone care about that? Battlefront is so story-less and lame, I want KOTOR 3 waaay more, give me a Star Wars, Mass Effect and I will be so happy..

  3. Damn this game looks like it's going to get shelved after one playthrough…..

    Nothing in this captivated me, I care about game play and all I have seen about this is a boring as hell cover based shooter with a cool story. What's making this different? Is there an RPG element? Is there progression? What drive do I have to play again?

    I don't want to play a movie where I occasionally get to shoot things.

  4. for a second there at the beginning I thought I was listening to the BF3 styled Theme soundtracks while watching the Lucasart logo appear…. biggest. mindfuck. ever.

  5. I really hope this has free roam, that would be the best and a little customizable features to ur character not a lot maybe like clothes and outfits- also I hope this game lives up to the way this trailer looked

  6. Both games focus on Jedi and Sith in some major point of the plot. The last game that was remotely like this was Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, and even that one focused on Force Users in the plot

  7. Just because he is holding a 360 controller doesn't mean anything. Its a wired controller which could be hooked up to a PC running the same specs that the next Gen console will run. More than likely it will be for the current Gen but If they were smart there would make versions for both this Gen and next Gen.

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