Darksiders – The Story: The Summoning of War Part 1

Darksiders came out a while ago, and if you’re like us, you’ve forgotten what happened in the story so far. We’ve collected all the cut scenes so you can get caught up before Darksiders II comes out.

In Part 1, we follow War, a horseman of the Apocalypse, as he sets out to find the one who…

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  1. Only part I don't get is, that I thought Destroyer was Abaddon (transformed). How come when War first arrives, council still speak of the Destroyers name? He wasn't destroyer until his demise

  2. Such a good fucking game. I never even finished it smh, it was dope, the story, the puzzles, the fighting. So underrated I can't believe I played it back on PS3, I'm about to get it on PC and play it at 4K 120 FPS for real.

  3. Imagine how good and detailed this game could look in the 2020 era of gaming… Oh my god I would lose my mind!!!! It could have CONTROL type of Detail and/or use that new destruction system in the UNREAL ENGINE that got unveiled some months ago. It could look so real (at least compared to how it did back then)

  4. I keep back from time to time to rewatch the scene where War gets judged by the Council…the dialogue, the soundtrack…Magnificent!

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