Battlefield 3: DLC – Armored Shield Level in Tank Superiority

First impressions of the Armored Kill DLC with footage of tank superiority mode on the new Armored Shield level.

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  1. True, it gets old, but if you want to showcase a battle between two sides with comparable levels of military technology and size those are the only two to go with. China has a huge army, but its military technology lags behind.

  2. It would be nice that DICE or any other developer make Special Forces from every country and import them in game. Same as MoH Warfighter will.
    There are really some awesome forces other than Marines and Spetsnaz that deserve their place in FPS games.

  3. well i think they keep redoing just those 2 countries is because it is the easiest. they have been done so much b4 that it is practically not much work to use US and USSR in a video game. it you want to play as almost any country try medal of honor warfighter

  4. Look I didn't mean to offend you, I was simply being picky. And you will be in the front line, fine with me. I really don't want to insult you. Why do I have any reason to? You're a complete stranger on the internet. Everything we both say could be a lie. So? Sorry I pissed everybody off so much.

  5. Familiar to who? Maybe Russians, or people who have played the Battlefield series before.
    My reason is correct. Imagine if it was America vs Germany, or America vs China. That wouldn't sit well with those countries and the game would be banned and in turn causing EA to lose money. Something I'm sure they are not to fond of.

  6. and you wouldn't want to be mexico or idk any other country of a "low on army" country because then there would be a big difference on thanks, weapons. Russia and USA are kind of the same, i prefer russia tho

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