Assassin's Creed III: Inside Assassin's Creed Episode One

The first in a four-part video series for Assassin’s Creed III focuses on the goal to make a revolutionary and masterful video game.

See episode two here:

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  1. PLEASE if u read thism and know how to pls respond: How can I add more settlers to my homestead? I have all of them on max level, but I still can't make anything valuable because there's always 2-3 numbers are next to their name…. And Achilles told that I should "record" (I don't know if it's the right word) more settlers to the farm… Where and how can I do that? It told me to hold F somewhere, but it's nothing…

  2. This is such a fail of a game, but not as much of a disappointment and Revelations. I like how they're showing the same battle over and over to make it look like it's based around the American Revolution, when you don't even do what is seen in the trailer at all, and certainly not in that mission. They even missed out the biggest battle: The Battle of Long Island (New York, one of the cities in AC3), and the Siege of Boston (another city in the game)

  3. And he said that you Assassinate important people at major battles… again, only a couple of major battles, and you only killed 1 person in those battels

  4. "It's very rare in your career to get the opportunity to try and go for the gold medal. And we really felt like this was our shot at it."
    Jesus. I've been an AC fan since day one, but in retrospect the marketing of this game was rather arrogant. It wasn't revolutionary, and how the hell did they come to the conculsion it was "the most anticipated game in history"?

  5. I don't like ACIII. But there are things that I like.

    Things I love in ACIII.
    1. The Frontier (was that the snowy place thing? I didn't play the game for a long time)

    2. An awesome story. But bad character. Connor doesn't have much emotion besides from anger. I know his mother died and he is trying to find who burnt his village and all, but still. He doesn't have feelings at all!

    3. Badass Connor. Connor is badass. 15/10

    4. Whole new interface.

    5. New awesome moves.

    6. Story.

    And those are the good things I love about ACIII. His robes are awesome, BTW.

    But I personally think you spend half of the game playing as Haytham instead of the assassin, Connor.

    Yes, don't mention ACRogue. I played the game. It was short, but it is cool.

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