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Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel – Game Informer Coverage Trailer

Get your first glimpse of gameplay in this trailer for Game Informer’s exclusive month of video coverage for Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel from Visceral Montreal that can be found at

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  1. I agree though, i had allot of fun with the the first 2 games, but objectively speaking they weren't triple A polished quality. They were good fun, but the mechanics weren't quite crisp and polished enough.

  2. They really weren't great games. They were actually poorly made games if you really think about it. But hey I am sure that the developer just mean't there was room for improvement, and quite frankly there is A LOT. FYI I'm a huge fan, think the games are a ton of fun, but they are lacking

  3. The first AoT Game was the best. Everything was perfect. The 40th day was just a mistake in my opinion. I pray that they go back to their roots with The Devil's Cartel. The 40th Day was more about customization than gameplay or story….And Salem and Rios….Just weren't themselves. I cant wait to see how this Turns out though…

  4. I gotta agree with the guy in the trailer. The first two games were good, dont get me wrong. Hilarious when you got lots of money to mess with, but The 40th Day lost its pizazz with me. It gets a bit old when the campaign is just so linear. So straightforward. I like my campaigns to be a bit more "Make lots of choices that are all really cool and difficult to decide!" Rather than "Oh, make a single choice. Either way it sucks. Either way the person dies. Money or not." Good game could be better.

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