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Zone Of The Enders 2 HD Opening

Check out the upgraded high-definition opening from Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner.

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  1. Dingo "My Mecha is the best. Look at it! It's even packing a big old package! Jehuty is the best!"
    Vic Viper shows up..
    Dingo "Why do I suddenly feel self conscious and inadequate… Also, I really don't like that guy for some reason.."

  2. The song resonates something within us, I am getting the chills with goosebumps on my skin. It is calling us to take our adventure to the vastness of space.
    They have created Art with this sequel.
    Many years later in the gaming world, people will still talk about it like the Mona Lisa painting.

  3. Dumb Kojima, of course this opening is the one of the best ever made, but it's just a big spoiler of the entire game… and people call him a genious

  4. It's funny that Hideo Kojima could come up with this frenetic, chaotic, super fun game and then some years later create that boring disappointment called Death Stranding

  5. No matter howmany times i watch this i never feel bored.. Just goose bumps all over again n again.. Oneof tge best Playstation 2 games i have ever played.. Those days mecha games this was crazy as hell… Wish they bring the newer version of this on Playstation 5 bringing the legend back.. Z.O.E. Jehuty?????

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