GameSpot Reviews – Endless Space (PC)

Peter Brown explores, expands, exploits, and eliminates all threats to this Endless Space video review.

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  1. been playing this last couple days and i realised this game is just a bunch of spreadsheets really :/ no animantions at all just a map and some pictures and loads of tables. i love the music tho really relaxing, si im trying to get into it mroe 🙂

  2. Came for the review, encountered arseholes in the comments calling the review boring. Last I checked a review is something you watch to find out if you should buy a game or not, not to make you giggle ….

  3. You all got the wrong game in steam, what you were looking for was Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. 
    I bought both, wish I could refund this crap. It's just a galaxy map simulator. 

    Sins on the other hand….. its like the Total War series in space!!!! Also getting the Starwars/ Startrek/ Mass Effect mod for it… ughhhhh. I can finally command a fleet of hundreds of ships and have them bombard a planet with bombs. <3

  4. D fuk … i'm way too stupid to play this…just both it coz it was on sale for 1eu o.O …i'm so stupid that even the game reviw doesnt sound like a game reviwe to me !

  5. Pretty clear that the reviewer who red the script has not played the game much. He shows no knowledge and no interest in the content. The statements are too generic and not deep enough. It is more like a paid advertisement without training for the reader.

  6. "hit the ground running" didn't make sense not to live for fun, your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb, so much to see so much to do

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