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This week The What If Machine sets its sights on the Crysis Nanosuit. Just how close can modern science bring to building this tank-in-a-tux?

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  1. CryNet 2, Nanosuit 2 is the second version of the nanosuit of CryNet Systems appears in Crysis 2, replaces the old version and was introduced four years after the creation of the first nanosuit and due to advances in technology is much more advanced than the first one Alcatraz and Prophet are the only users of nanosuit 2. nanosuit 2 is known as the most advanced piece of hardware in man's possession.

    Crynet's first nanosuit, while considered almost perfect, still had its flaws and was already threatened by the imitation of North Korean nanosuit. The Nanosuit 2 addresses the shortcomings of the previous model, while also including a lot of new features and hardware. First, the energy efficiency of the original suit that required a significant improvement, and the new red gold-cobalt oxide that increases the capacity of the fuel cell of the nanosuit by 20%, which allows the user to remain in the camouflaged for prolonged periods of time, as well as withstand more damage, which also gives the additional range of 32% in strength and speed, allowing to increase physical performance at the expense of lower energy consumption than the first Nanosuit. In addition, thanks to the improvement of the artificial muscle fibers of nanosuit 2, it is capable of generating up to 450 Newton of force and up to 10,000 grams of contractile acceleration.

    The suit can absorb energy in a variety of ways, including radiation, carbon, kinetics and even the release of corpses in decomposition. The nanosuit 2 also to the half of the nanosuit 1, as well as the speed and the agility of the user more. The ionic liquid electro-active polymer (a rapid co-politic reaction reflex incorporating doped ceramics, colloids and a copper nanoart in a hollow ball of ethylene-glycol matrix) provides protection against the previous user against radiation and physical impact. It also dramatically increases the motor reflexes, and has an anti-electromagnetic impulse mesh dynamics.

    The suit also has a great improvement in data collection technology. Nanosuit 1 was only able to be obtained from the data traversed by a visual camera and the memory of the user. To solve this, Nanosuit 2 uses its own enhanced secondary Neuro-integration semiautonomous IA that is driven by a blood glucose infusion parasite and an electrolyte microstack. The non-sensitive chip works at 1.5 SIN and is instantly integrated by remote telemetry and gives a first person input of up to 6,000 different channels that present clear tactical summaries through an interface integrated directly into the visual cortex. It can also take charge of the purely autonomous and regulatory functions of the operators in case of somatic damages. One of the most innovative features of nanosuit 2, however, is its ability to not only control the physical and neurological condition of the soldier, but also in reality. continuously regulates dopamine, lactic acid and corticosteroid levels, anticipates and counteracts stress and debilitating fatigue reactions. The suit also increases and maintains the user's adrenaline and tricyclic levels. It should be noted, however, that prolonged exposure to a neuroinhibitor can cause long-term damage to the metabolic systems.

    Main Modes
    Shielding Mode: The energy of the suit is diverted to the muscle-nanofibers to deflect high-speed objects through the hardening of the outer layer of the suit and the increase of the density of the fibers of the suit, the closed impacts and the explosions of energy also son absorbed. This decreases the power of the suit, rather than the user's health. It should be noted that, because the external capacity of the suit increases its density when it is in the armor mode, the strongest steps and the properties of this user are reduced when traveling on the ground, such as concrete or brick. A slight shine will flow through the fibers of the suit, due to the energy channels of cushioning.

    Camouflage mode: the nanofibers on the surface of the suit dynamically scan the surroundings and reflect it to the outer layer in all its depth, hiding the user, and suppresses the sounds produced by the movement of the user. And it instantly drains all the available energy from the user if the user shoots a non-silenced firearm, however, if the user fires a silenced firearm, the amount of energy is reduced. Therefore, it is advisable to aim at the head of the target to maximize the damage while remaining camouflaged. Camouflage will be temporarily disabled if the user hits an enemy, picks up an object or performs a stealthy assassination. However, camouflage does not make the user invisible, a closer look reveals a spectrum of colors and reveals that something is refracting light in the area. The Nanotrjae reflects the light of its surroundings and forms a refreshment.
    Power Mode: This mode is only activated when necessary. It is a combination of the speed mode and the force mode of the previous Nanosuit, although it works better than both. It activates and consumes energy when performing actions such as a powerful jump, sprint fast, or move a very large and / or heavy object, or crash into a surface or an enemy with titanic force.
    Secondary modes

    Tactical Viewer Mode: This mode replaces the tactical binoculars of the first game and integrates various tactical functions. It allows efficient transmission of large amounts of battlefield information. The user can select the elements of importance, such as corpses, weapons, ammunition, conduits, consoles, target points and the like and scan them for more information, as well as enemies and tag them to track their location on the ground. This mode also filters the ambient noises and improves the perception of the senses, so that the user can easily listen to the conversations that take place in the environment.

    Nanovision mode: By using low energy this works effectively both as thermal and night vision camera. When activated, everything becomes grayscale, with the exception of heat sources. It also simulates night vision by changing the lighting of what is seen to make everything have a uniform brightness. This was significantly improved to the night vision of Nanosuit 1, since it is no longer blind with bright lights.
    Hacking Mode: In Crysis 3 the Nanosuit has evolved to the point of being able to hack minefields, weapons, CELL Sentinel Turrets, containers, gates and also Ceph alien units.
    Secondary functions
    Defibrillator: This is a function that can be activated to reanimate the user in the nanosuit when the user goes into cardiac arrest. If a user receives too much damage as in the case of Alcatraz, Nanosuit can cure it, however, it can also reactivate the heart, which is the function of defibrillators.
    Respirator: This is a function automatically activated by the suit when submerged in water (or when oxygen is otherwise available). The respirator provides the user with breathable oxygen. It is able to recycle again the exhaled carbon dioxide in oxygen, and can also use the hydrolysis process to separate water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, using hydrogen to help the energy consumption and giving the user oxygen to be inhaled . This process allows the user to remain underwater indefinitely.

  2. I remember seeing this video when it first come out almost 6 years ago, wicked series of videos and it's bonkers that most of this like the nano material, graphene, is real right now and that solar or thermo reactive battery technology that people wear to charge music players or phones and so on. Wicked stuff but like some others have said, the nano suit is part Alien part Human, sort of reverse engineered for stupid military uses, it's sort of like slapping a "US" airforce sticker on the side of a Goa'uld Death Glider =P

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  4. You have to distinguish between the Nanosuit 1.0 from Crysis 1 and the Nanosuit 2.0 from Crysis 2 & 3. The N1 suit was more grounded in reality (as much as alien tech can be) but the N2 suit is basically engineered plot armor that can literally do anything

  5. Imagine gaining power from youre movment of hands and legs etc… Like in electric-bicylce. You are using youre own, biology supiles to creat energy for suit. Pretty intresting, don't you think?

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