An Icon Reborn – Tomb Raider Behind The Scenes

Zachary Levi catches up with Camilla Luddington behind the scenes of Tomb Raider.

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  1. Now i know why they cant animate the mouthing perfectly, they didnt put those small metal balls to stick it on her face and sense the movement on her face

  2. I am going to get heats from this, but i am a newbie into tomb raider, is she suppose to be taller? Like almost 6 ft? Perhaps Tomb raider should get a light for me on this?

  3. I really liked the refreshing 2013 reboot of Lara Croft. Though I thought they would get her sooner up to speed to the Lara we know. Instead in Shadow she's still not even close to the Lara we know with dual pistols. I also miss the iconic Tombraider song. Still gave this vid a thumbs down. Not because of Tombraider; love Tombraider, but because of Gamespot. I hate and despise game journo's, especially because they don't really give a fuck about games (I mean rather telling if Gamespot reviewed Cyberpunk 2077 on a fucking 200 dollar laptop, that's really showing they really don't give 2 shits about games) and they are all about leftwing mentally ill politics.

  4. Im still waiting for lara croft rack to be much bigger then shadow of the tomb
    When is her rack going to bigger like the old game and comic and much bigger lips like lara croft anniversary or underworld

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