SimCity: Never Stop Building

E3 2012: SimCity is back and it looks better than ever before.

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  1. theres not even power lines in the game but yet they show them in this trailer plus a lot of other stuff not available, like hotels, natural gas power plants, highway systems, military, subway systems, taxi service, church's, turn lanes on streets. What about car crashes, police impound lots, tow trucking services, weather conditions like snow, and plenty of other stuff simcity 4 mostly had. What about economical crisis's?

  2. lol yeah thats what I thought so too. Just as long as they do. Cities XL 2012 has way larger maps and a lot more things right off the bat so simcity has a lot of catching up to do.

  3. Then you upgrade the roads , redevelop the industrial area for a high class commercial district.
    Build a hospital on the polluted land where your sewage plant use to be , plot down LOADS of wellness centers.
    Plot down a water pumping station next to your sewage plant , and then add a filtration pump for unlimited water.

    You are just unimaginative and beige

  4. I am not unimaginative. The maps are just simply to small for a Sim City game. EA has dumbed the game down too much, leaving out too many needing features that actually made the SC serie so populair.
    Also, that 100% online became a disaster because you can barely even play the game due to the lack of good servers.
    Sim City 5 is an epic fail. Alot of people want their money back, but EA threatens to BAN their accounts because of that.

  5. This isn't a Sim City game.
    Sim City died at Sim City 4. That was the culmination of YEARS of evolution and development.
    The new Sim City has a much HEAVIER emphasis on player player interaction than the previous tities of single man wonders.
    Its an ENTIRELY different game and comparing it with one and another would be like comparing a FPS to a MMO.
    The bones of Sim City is still here , tax rates, wind pollution , and a LOT HEAVIER emphasis on micro .
    TBH , this is more of a Sims Town

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  7. Which, if you SHOULD have played the CRAP out of , and is bored with the samie graphics , game flow and building distribution by now

  8. I wont buy this new piece of shit with DRM as many gamers are losing their lovely cities after week cause of server issues and blackouts. Wait till EA fixes their bugs in their next sim city 5 deluxe with driving car experience.

  9. No, it's still hell of alot of fun to play. Bigger maps, bigger economical challange. Create your own terrains and regions in Godmode. Even when building your city still being able to change the terrrain.
    And ultimately creating massive epic cities that you can actually be proud of.

  10. And don't forget the fact that you can just play like "what if that happens" and then totally destroy your city. But actually be able to load the city up again after the disaster to how it was before and being able to play on again.

  11. Smaller maps means you have to force the city to use EVERY LAST INCH of land , the pollution will also be closer to your residential areas , the wind will bring the pollution and cause sickness , you have to micro manage your individual buildings and in tune with the modern theme of environmental conservation, you can't reclaim land as if you are god
    Although cities of epic proportion of millions of inhabitants are a thing of the past , the collaboration between PEOPLE still makes it possible.

  12. Because its trying to add a sense of realism to it?
    The fun factor kinda got wacked , but still , you can always go into sandbox mode with infinite money to build a skyscape for you to destroy

  13. Well i just pointed out that the old Simcity is what people want, and that most people hate the new one. It just doesn't feel like the game we all loved anymore.

  14. well simcity 5 graphics is the worst i have seen. its 2013. I buyed a game yesterday because I was sad and angry with this piece of crap. The game was called cities xl and it is better than simcity =P

  15. well.. its stylized .. but I have to admit .. its pretty bad grahpics wise , but its their aesthetics direction so… yeah 😛

  16. why dident they just make it possible to buy more land for your cites :/

    Culd have added a whole new element to building and conecting cities to make mega cities!

  17. I've seen alot of player videos and I think that the devlopers on this game made far too many mistakes. Mainly in that of primarily focusing on Multiplayer then Single player. And the size of the regions are just far too small for my creative interest. Like just by looking at it I'm having to use far more strategy like I'm fighting a war on small size then actually being creative on how I want to build my city.

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