New Synthesis Ending – Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut – Gameplay

Spoiler, this is the extended cut synthesis ending.

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  1. some people may think that merging with robots is crap but you gotta know that it would have happened eventually. all it did was advance technology, robots were bound to advanced enough to have feelings and humanity to have have implants and other stuff surgically attached with AI in them to help them.

  2. Lol, you know what? I don't have an answer for that. I was wondering the same thing. I mean Shepard had a gun, he could of just shot the tube from a distance. That's the purpose of the gun so that you don't have to go near the target. Lol

  3. Also my preferred version of the ending.

    But watching it now just reminds me how botched the endings that shipped with the game were originally, before the free patch. I know it's not really that big a deal, but I can't just forget that feeling of being kind of let down the first time I completed the game.

  4. Of all these endings I preferred this over all of them, Since because of Shepards sacrifice everyone is able to be happy, and I didn't have to sacrifice the Geth or EDI.  Still heartbreaking though…

    Also, what happened to Grunt?! in all the other endings he is there with Wrex but not in this one

  5. This is the one ending I didn't like out of the new ones. Controlling Reapers I get. Destroying Reapers – I get even more. Synthesizing every living thing in the galaxy… Lolwut!?

  6. I'm glad I chose this ending I think it's beautiful how shepard throws their gun aside because they are done fighting, gives it one final push and then just lets go….and now they can all live in peace

  7. There are two things about the games that bother me. First: why the hell do you not get promoted? What the hell does it take to go from Commander to Captain? Like really, yeah your a spector but that still. Second: why bother to give Shepard a first name and the ability to change it if its never used. Not even on the monument. Also love this ending.

  8. Wait… Why do they show the stargazer part in this one. Like what I mean EDI said that we can become immortal with the knowledge the reapers offer to us. But then again it could have all been a story that the stargazers made up.

  9. my hero needs to live!!! omg why do they have to die….bah sheapard was on borrowed time anythings.

    Plus a legend is a hero that died. except it and move on >< i like the endings, they make sense and sythesis ending is the one where everyone wins and all that knowledge. to bad the destory option is the cannon.

  10. Still my ending of choice. The green eyes and skin were a bit weird, but they needed something to show the "difference." They could easily scale it back in a sequel. The biggest issue I have is knowing that husks and those demonic Reaper abominations are still present and walking around with everyone. 🤣

    The whole assumption Destruction fans have that the galaxy is now a Borg race is absolutely asinine. That being said, I'd be curious to see a sequel involving non-synthesized organics from another Galaxy coming into contact with the new melded aliens of the Milky Way Galaxy. There'd definitely be some offended "purist" organics that would not be comfortable meeting an entire galaxy who's melded synth and organic life.

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