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Gears of War: Judgment Coverage Trailer

Check out this trailer for Game Informer’s month of coverage on Gears of War: Judgment that can be found at

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  3. And I just noticed this because I am drunk: You said "it was 14 yrs before e day"…

    You know what? IT'S NOT! All you have to do is google the Gears of War timeline and you will see what a thick, ignorant shit you are.

  4. wow if you would listen to the video at 0:25 or somewhere around there, it says judgement places on a few weeks after e-day DUMBASS!!

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  9. all they are doing is taking things from other games and implementing it into the gears world and hurting gears bad just to get a higher populated community

  10. "Game play comes first." Well said. This is the one of the only video game company that doesn't spend massive amounts of money on great intro animations and invests most of it in the actual action. Can't wait for March 19.

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