Added Evacuation Scene – Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut – Gameplay

Spoiler, a scene is added to explain the survival of certain characters, and Hackett learns Shepard made it.

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  1. This is so stupid…

    Harbinger is there, ripping everyone and everything to shreds, but just allows the Normandy to swoop in, ground itself in one single spot for several minutes, and then take off without shooting it down and blasting it into a million different pieces?


  2. COME ON!!! last big pudh to the end CHAAARGE oh ….no hang on gotta stop and have a chat first in the middle of no mans land in front of a 500 foot tall killing machine wait lets get a valuable prototype ship to land down here too what is this im calling the bs here

  3. So.. in a game about million year old giant robot squids that come down every 50k years to harvest organics, you find THIS unrealistic?

  4. how the heck did the Normandy NOT get blown to bits by the reapers but dozens of smaller vehicles and people are taken out with precision laser beams  

  5. If shepard was dreaming all of this who actually was the one that went towards the beam? Or did shepard telepathically control things with his/her mind? In the perfect ending, shepard wakes up on earth in rubble..

  6. This scene made sure to tell me the extended cut would not fix the already terrible ending sequences. It just goes to show that no one knew Mass Effect better than Drew Karpyshyn. What awful writing in the original ending and the "fixed" ending Thanks to Mac Walters and Casey Hudson. You didn't have to do much to please us, but you decided to shoot yourselves in the foot anyway.

  7. Nine years later in 2021, I had just finished the game and thought Liara and Garrus were going to be evacuated… turns out both of them were killed and only the destroy ending but I was going for that anyway.

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