Raven's Cry Gameplay Trailer

Check out the first gameplay trailer for Raven’s Cry!

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  1. I insist grapichs are not everything… But if new games will look like this.. Why we need an xbox one or ps4..we better stay with ps3 or xbox 360.. Dont you all agree?

  2. My standards for games are pretty tame, so i will be just fine. You gotta try and find positive side in everything, and not just occupy yourself with it's flaws. And look at it this way, sword fighting can't get much worse than in Black Flag 😀

    Except freakin' Ride to Hell…..fuck that piece of shit!!!

  3. Even though the graphics of this game looks sub par and the gameplay looks slow but I'm willing to give this game a chance because it's a new studio and we can't expect them to have the best graphics and mechanics right of the bat. Something that people seem to forget.

  4. For a game that's overdue by 3 years…it better be good..

    It looks absolutely shit to me but I could eat those word….we will see come this month.

  5. You guys are focusing only on the graphical elements. The real issue with Raven's Cry is that the gameplay is similar to AC4 BlackFlag, but unless is does something to stand out from BlackFlag, it won't be well received by critics or gamers alike.

  6. Here is everything you need to know about this game. It's an ambitious game which lacks the budget and resources for cutting edge graphics. For me the most appealing thing about the game is simply that you get to be a straight up evil pirate. In black flag there was always this sort of story, gameplay segregation where despite killing innocent merchants on a regular basis the cutscenes always seem to be trying to make the player forget how evil the protagonist is. For one thing the protagonist of Black Flag looked more like a boy band member then a pirate. Raven's Cry, on the other hand simply has an evil bastard as the protagonist and on top of that the game is proud of it.

    It's very rare we get a video game where you get to be an evil bastard in both the cut scenes and the gameplay.

    On a side note wouldn't it be nice if we got more villain games simply for the sake of variety if nothing else?

  7. This looks like crap, or rather soulless and very boring looking  copy of Black Flag.

    I'd rather play Black Flag again than waste time with this. 

  8. This seriously would have been a solid gameplay trailer back in 2005. 

    I'm looking at this and thinking- this gameplay is on par with the original KoToR. How the fuck does something like this even get developed??

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