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Carolyn slows down time to fire a bullet through the beating heart of Max Payne 3 in this review.

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  1. If you like FPS games, Max Payne 3 is for you. The voice acting is great, the locations are very nice and the combat is intense. In fact if I have 1 criticism of this game its that you literally have to kill 1000s of bad guys during every fire fight. The storyline is very well written and the cover mechanism is well done and the controls very responsive. The game length is long but doesn't get bogged down, boring or go round in a roundabout. Its just been solidly written and acted and takes you all over Sao Paulo as you basically fight your way to the top. There are so many weapons to choose from, essentially you will find your 'go-to' weapon on every mission but there are so many variations and I found myself trying out an assortment. They make the game 'accessible' for everybody by if you get stuck at one certain checkpoint after you die a couple times they start giving you more pain killers everytime you die so that you can get yourself through that particular spot, without having to 'drop the difficulty' for the entire game. Really my only criticism is that there are just too many guys to kill, there are times when they literally don't stop coming, you have to put down an entire army. Other than that, solid, solid game and if you need yourself another FPS get max payne 3. 7/10

  2. Rockstar really out did themselves on this game! Good job! Is it just me or do 3rd person shooters generally have a WAAAY better story line then first person shooters?

  3. I still like the original series. Extra mechanics realy fuck up the games flow and also waves of enemies fucking blow. Taking on sqades realy fits for the game because of the bullettime mechanic and it helps prepearing which weapons you use for the battle. "Max Payne 3" ain't a bad game, but it made me realize further more how brilliant the first two were.

  4. Am i the only one that would prefer the Max Payne 3 shooting system over the GTA5 system? I just really enjoyed when i killed someone in Max Payne 3. I dont get the same feeling in GTA5. Like, when you shot someone in the throat, you would see the pain in the enemy as they would try to hold over their wound as the blood came out. Sorry for my explanation, I'm not english 🙂 I hope im not the only one that prefer Max Payne 3 physics over GTA5.

  5. I would rate this game a 7.5 or an 8. Although the shooting mechanics are some of the absolute finest in this generation but the noir atmosphere of the first 2 games have been definitely minimized a lot.

    The schizophrenic weird rainbow effects on the cutscenes are also very annoying and not a good replacement to the comic book filters from the original games and just about TOO MUCH of the gameplay seems to be cutback for cutscenes and they kind of exaggerated the narrative style from previous games. Max just narrates a bit too much about current situations and it gives me the impression that its more of a fanmade game with just a very high budget.

  6. 3:40 – that's a total fucking lie. If you play Max Payne 3 defensively just using cover and peeking to shoot like Gears of War, you will get fucking destroyed in story mode. Keep in mind this is a RUN AND GUN game. Activate bullet-time, run through through the open and aim for headshots only to properly enjoy the destructive chaos you can unleash as Max. That's how the game was meant to be played, not behind cover. There's a reason why the cover system sucks; you're not meant to rely on it

  7. I have to agree with this review on the usage of shoot dodge. I only used it because it looked cool but it did more harm than good. You can pretty much abuse it on normal mode but on hard mode, almost every time I used it, it led to frustrating moments and the loss of a painkiller or two. Often the animation for the start of the jump would take so long that I would end up in one of those "last stand" things before the shoot dodge was even initiated. I appreciate the animation system Rockstar made for this game because it made shootouts more realistic but it made them realistic to the point where shoot dodge is almost as dumb an idea as it would be in real life.

  8. Max Payne 3 this game is AMAZING
    I realy fucking love the MP games they are my childhood
    but MP 3 story sucks but the GAMEPLAY is the best i ever had since MP 2 and GTA SA

  9. very satisfying shooting mechanics but i got tired of killing so many cops by the last mission. And theres absolutely nothing else to do in the game other than shoot.

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