E3 Stage Shows – The Games of E3 2012: Radio Silence

The GameSpot Staff talks about games that we haven’t heard from in some time, but are still plenty excited about.

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  1. My opinion on the Half-Life 2 series; you pay too much for something you can beat in a couple hours. i'm NOT paying more than $5 for Half-Life 3 unless they make it at least close to or as long as Half-Life: source, that was decent game length, it did not take me long to beat HL2, nor episode 1, nor episode 2. and honestly HL 3 will just be a waste of my time just like the others which were too poor of quality, and too short. Not trolling, just stating facts.

  2. Well then obviously you have extremely poor taste in video games. You can go play Pokemon or some shit, just don't bother the big kids, ok? thanks.

  3. Pokemon? really? thats your comeback? and you? a "big kid"? alright you "big kids" go have fun with your PC's and blue screens and crashing while us "little kids" with our consoles are going beyond what the affordable PC can do 🙂

  4. I just hope if they do decide to come out with a Half-Life movie for whatever unholy reason, Gordon does not talk at all. They give him dialogue I'm done, I'm so done with everything. That or if they take away the crowbar, fuck the world if that happens.

  5. People don't understand. Valve made 2 hl2 episodes in a singel year, and they have been working on so much Half-life that they had to make other new games like Portal, CS, Left 4 dead, and other games than just Half-life. But now it is time for a new Half-life.

  6. half life 3 valve must still be in the working man it will be here by 2015 it has to be here by then it will be better than cookies

  7. LOL WUT? Jesus crist. if logicly thinking we are the big kids since we like old games. and PC since it was made a long time ago you can call us like grandpas. And console going further than a PC can? Oh please. PC is the best console. If Last Of Us came on the PC it would have been so beautiful. You cannot beat the PC bro.

    P.S. Go fuck yourself

  8. Here's the reason why The Last of Us didn't come out onto PC; They would have to make it look much worse in order to release it on affordable PCs. And those high-end PCs cost even up to 100's of thousands of dollars, even if you build your own. Not everybody is Donald Trump. Plus, most good games on PC's are on like 5 disks, and nobody likes sitting through that crap downloading it.

  9. I insulted HL2 and up not HL. And you still need to install each and every disk. That still takes time, on console you at least get the option, or you don't need to because it runs just fine off of the disk. Yes there are games that you need to install but its ONE disk instead of 5 so it only takes like 1 minute vs like 10-15 depending on how much money you spent on your PC. You can't call yourself a gamer if you only tried one game on one system, so play a couple at a friends house or something

  10. Lol Dude heard about steam? No? Well then that makes sense.
    Plus xbox and playstation cannot outcome the PC. Well because one thing I remembered is that you cant pirate a game right? Well thats one thing. Alot of people pirate these days so that kinda means that Xbox and playstation take alot more of your money than on the PC. So fuck the other consoles PC 4 LIFE.

  11. Actually I have heard of it, I use it. And pirating is dangerous, its illegal, and it can jack up your computer, I already know about stuff like that and Xbox and Sony don't take your money, in fact a couple of my favorite game developers went bankrupt because of people like pirates, they made pc and console games, but they lost a lot of money because of people stealing it. So there's a reason why consoles are protected against it.

  12. alright so I did a bit of research, and I found out that you can get a good PC gaming setup for $600-700 for the tower alone.. yeah the PS4 is already going to be cheaper at about 400 don't have a tv to play on? you can find a decent size tv for around 100 you dont need a large screen. Monitors tend to be cheaper, I got mine for about 80, its kinda small but it works just fine. Xbox one is expensive, we all know it, its about 600. Typical Microsoft.

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