What Mass Effect Taught Us About Aliens

The Mass Effect universe is packed full of Aliens, but where are all of our real-life extraterrestrial buddies at? Cam investigates this question and more, including what Liara has in common with the humble snail.

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  1. Maybe the reason aliens have not come to say hi to us is because we have not yet advanced to a specific level of technological prowess. Perhaps they are simply watching and waiting for us to prove ourselves, maybe even studying us.

    In the end, who really knows? I just hope we get to meet aliens in my lifetime haha

  2. We're just exploring Mars now and finding out that it had giant ocians and atmosphere with oxigen, which means it was able to support life long ago. What If in that exploration we descover remains of ancient Prothean technology, which helps us build more advanced ships and one day we start traveling across the galaxy and discover other sentinel species out there?
    Yeah, that's how it happened in ME, but come on, only our Galaxy(Milky way) has billions of stars in it with 5-10 billions of planets. To believe that out of all those planets, Earth is the only one that has advanced life on it is just ridiculous. And not to mention that our galaxy is just one among billions of other galaxies(and those are the ones known to us), and all of those galaxies have billions of stars in them as well. We're not alone.

  3. Yeaaaaah well there ARE female only species with males being born for just a few days a year and only for reproduction after which they die out (bees , ants and other insects)

  4. Water is needed for life "as we know it". That means that water isn't actually NEEDED considering that different planets have different properties, and the fore lifeforms could take on a completely different genetic make up that does not require water.

  5. Well if there is a Giant Syntho-organic race of aliens then at least when we see the signs we can all just start screaming "It;s Mass Effect, hurry find our Shepard, start building laser's on everything, prepare the crucible" at which point the other aliens will laugh at us and call us crazy. UNTIL IT HAPPENS.

  6. Well, assuming that legs are one of the most efficient designs for universal land-traversal, it's not too ridiculous to expect the civilized races to have some sort of bipedal form. One of the arguments for why humans were able to develop such powerful cerebral functionality is that the energy efficiency of a combination of cooking food and balancing our wait over a narrow center of mass (ie walking upright as opposed to on fours) saved us so much energy that we were able to spend some of it doing other things that developed our minds (like cave drawing and developing language). If we assume that, given enough time, evolution in similar biospheres will lead to similarly efficient structures, then Mass Effect's portrayal of alien life is actually quite accurate.

  7. The theory that all advanced life will eventually destroy itself is based on the premise that all aliens act like we humans do, which I think is flawed. I am sure there are many species out there that are far more based on cooperation and peace than we are. We are a very violent species.

  8. The reapers make me seriously question whether it was an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

    Ok not really. But the Mass Effect trilogy does get you thinking about the potential for life that exists within our massive galaxy. And the galaxies beyond it.

  9. well if there is an alien lurking around or possibly approaching earth, our scientist and government would have taken them already. Humans are too greedy to share something valuable that can give an edge to other people. They would keep it to themselves, accept the "gifts" for themselves, conduct an in depth study for themselves while we, the average citizen of earth, would settle to refined trash that our government created to keep the very good stuff in their pockets making their trashes priceless and refined. Let's accept it, probably aliens are trying to contact us but our government and private sectors are too greedy to understand and accept it. They have this kind of mentality where in they keep what they want to keep and get what they want to get regardless of morality or the better good of the people.

  10. On the Asari biology point. WRONG. There is a certain species of lizards that are only female; and mate with the males of a different lizard species. The two are similar enough in DNA structure for the interbreeding to occur.

    A monogendered species without hermaphroditism is possible; but the whole deal of being able to interbreed with any other species is far less so.

  11. I hate how scientists say that there is rarely a chance of other life in the universe. But we've literally seen a small portion of the Milky Way galaxy, yet studied the planets there. There are billions of other planets in just the Milky Way. Apart from that there are still the billions of other galaxies with trillions of stars with an endless number of planets. Just because we haven't found advanced life in the Milky Way doesn't mean that there isn't in other galaxies

  12. Maybe there’s a space UN, which red lines contact to primitive worlds.

    Or maybe Earth is the first civilization to reach space. Thus they will establish the council, like the salarians.

    How would human culture change, Earth is technically home to 196 civilizations/countries and a lot more cultures and religions. Would English even be the worlds universal language.

    Would racism persist, interracial marriage or reproduction with aliens possible??. So many questions.

    What if aliens are just humans with different skin tones. Earth black, white, brown, yellow. Distant planet, orange, red, purple.

    Would we be earthlings or earthers. Or even better earthicans or earthish.

    Which nationalities will colonize space.

  13. At least some people have sense, we are definitely not alone. In terms of little to no recorded Alien contact I would assume is because I don't see why any advanced race would bother with us humans, we can barely make it off our planet. I also would like to say that theoretically "Aliens" have visited Earth on multiple occasions, but clearly found nothing of interest. Also out of those trillions+ of planets I doubt that many are advanced enough or have the tech to move to different systems and clusters. The fact is their are an estimated 300 billion stars meaning that each star give or take has a system or three to 5 planets surrounding them. Meaning that their are an estimated one trillion five hundred billion planets, and if this one little lonely planet (Earth) in one of the 300 billion stars can have life another of those one trillion five hundred billion can have life as well. It's truly not a hard concept to perceive.

  14. When we think of aliens we think of them having ships and plasma weapons and doomsday lasers, but who knows some races could be in a medieval age or renaissance or some could be starting at the time as us.?

  15. All humanity needs of this universe are: some angry warlords/mercenarys, people who's military is one of the best, some female engineers with dem hips and some blue people who like stripclubs and prostitution.

  16. Turians are not inspired from crabs bro!!!! ???
    They are more like a combination of eagles and lions
    Krogan are a combination of turtles and dragons

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