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A trailer for Game Informer’s month of exclusive Halo 4 video content that can be found at

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  1. @ClusiveC Also all you have to do is find and kill the Power weapon users. If you are handy with a dmr or br or even pistol and assault rifle, then you can kill power weapon users even while going head on at them.

  2. ill tell you what was good about halo 3 (at least its good in my opinion). the more skilled player almost always won. the multiplayer wasnt noob friendly like reach is. it wasnt as skill-demanding as halo 2 but it was still a great game. mlg wouldnt be growing and thriving if it wasnt for halo 2 and 3. reach on the other hand is killing halo, which is in turn killing mlg because halo games made mlg.

  3. people dont want a game where the nerdy, no-life loser kid that plays all the time and eventually got really good destroys everybody. they want the bad kid to also have a chance to win by doing something cheap and easy. thats why cod is so successful, because they offer bad kids the chance to keep up with skilled players and feel good about themselves (just like reach). so if you like noob friendly anti-skill games everything is just peachy for you. if you like skill, youll probably be upset….

  4. Is halo 4 going to have living dead? Plz answer. Thanks for reading this u are probably bored out of ur mind so ur just reading stupid unanswered questions and comments. 🙂

  5. Just being able to play Halo 4 at E3 was great and the game is amazing. The things 343 has done are great and is not messing up halo at all. Fro all those people that say this game better not play like cod, THIS GAME DOES NOT PLAY LIKE COD AT ALL. Even though this halo has a new feel to it, I like it a lot of people liked it at E3 I heard nothing bad about it. I know what 343 is going through to put this game out just by talking to them and being in school for game design, its tough. GJ 343

  6. I just wish people would stop winging about Halo and CoD "Oh CoD's better" "CoD's more realistic" Maybe instead of ranting and complaining, stay away from games you think are 'crap' and let Halo fans like Halo without being threatened by CoD fans, I'm not saying "Don't like CoD" but it's just best if fans of CoD that don't like Halo should stop spending time on things they hate…All this bickering just sickens me. I'm sure others think it's annoying.

  7. I'm sorry did i miss something, i have yet to see "killcams" in the COD sense of the term in any of the Halo 4 game play I've seen. Was this officially announced by 343? if so when and can anyone provide a link to support this claim?

  8. People just need to realize that Halo will never turn into to COD. You're right, just because it has custom classes and killcams does not mean it is going to be COD. A lot of other games have that. COD did not make that, they just simply popularized it. People need to look deeper and see that Halo is very different from COD.

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  10. Actually (to my knowledge) Halo 4 wont have kill cams. And I agree with you. Im tired of random people saying halo is going to be like cod.

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