Trouble with Clones – Saints Row: The Third DLC Trailer

Johnny Gat gets cloned in the Trouble with Clones DLC pack for Saints Row: The Third.

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  1. It will probably be available in the new dlc ENTER THE DOMINATRIX
    the developers stated this:
    “Faster than a speeding cyber jetbike, more powerful than a roided-out Luchadore, able to leap flying aircraft carriers in a single bound… That’s the power you’ll find inside the Dominatrix. Use it for good. Use it for evil. Use it for whatever you want. As always in Saints Row, it’s up to you,” said Danny Bilson, Executive Vice President, Core Game Production, THQ Inc. Also:


  2. Stop complaining about the price I picked the game up with this dlc and two others off amazon for like £16.00 and that also comes with over 30 bonus weapons and outfits on the disc. It's called SR3 the full package, so stop complaining and get that instead.

  3. Hey guys I need your help I need superpowers on my sr3 game, I've installed sandbox+ I can access almost all commands except the superpower commands it says u need trouble with clones dlc to work correctly but I have no idea, and I don't k what the fuck to do now I'm literally lost guys I need ur help, pls. 😔

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