Siren – BioShock: Infinite Heavy Hitters Part 4 Video

The last of the BioShock: Infinite Heavy Hitters video series focuses on Siren.

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  1. Yes they lied a lot with this game it felt overhyped rushed and just not a good game btw im a big fan of bioshock 1 and was disappointed with infinite.

  2. Infinite was the best in the series. They didn't "lie" change happens with games in their final moments. A lot changed but most of it was for the better.

  3. I took her down with shockjockey traps to stun her minions and snipe their heads of forever…. at the end It was a stroll in the park shooting at her with my mighty shotgun :3

  4. From what I heard, they altered the appearance of the Siren to something slightly different to scale back on the supernatural, since the final plot was leaning more towards science-fiction than fantasy.
    Instead of raising the dead, the Siren (also made into a simultaneously dead/alive Lady Comstock), was able to make dead enemies alive/dead also.
    Many things in the game have changed over development, and I think the developers were stuck trying to cram in concepts they promised too early on.

  5. the whole concept of all the stars being lighthouses though… could lead to the next game

    bioshock infinite really made it hard to follow it up with that ending… even though it means now that any alternate universes could take place… kind of ruins of the fun of anything going forward though if we know it isnt the true single "reality"

  6. The best way to beat her is to first take out her minions and then take your sweet time killing her. Use shock jockey or devils kiss to kill and turn the reanimated soldiers into ash because she can only reanimated corpses. After that she will be fairly easy to kill.

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