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Quantic Dream's Kara Demo

Quantic Dream’s, the development studio behind Heavy Rain, showed off their new motion capture technology with a short animated film about an android.

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  1. I remember this trailer differently. 😐 At the end her emotions, disassembling, wish and begging to live and the operators responses were also part of the standard test every unit before and after her goes though. That was supposed to the big plot twist and to show just how human like the androids are, but its all just programing.

    Have I gone nuts or anyone else remembers it that way too? Just think about it, the trailer would be much better if it ended that way and I find it hard to believe they didn't come up with it.

  2. I love when the sci fi plays with the Isaac Asimov's robotic laws
    can a robot have feelings or preferences?
    can a robot defend it self without hurting the humans?
    should a robot hurt a human to defend another human?

    Detroid become human is the best game who take to the limit the 3 laws

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