Making Halo – Halo 4 First Look Video

Go behind the scenes with the 343 Industries team and their progress on making Halo 4 the best of the series.

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  1. Mix halo with some AC acrobatics. Not alot, but enough so its not just a jump run and crouch thing. Now that would be cool. (Yes i know gamespot is not making the game and yes this is for all the stupid people who would think that.)

  2. If you dont think Halo is amazing then you must be on Crack or some shit. Or just some COD fanboy that plays Mw3 all day & night & has no life.

  3. mater chief and commander Shepard have hardcore butt sex resulting in the death of both while reapers and covenant shit on earth and destroy it with a bomb of elite jizz. THE END. I RUINED THE GAME FOR ALL OF YOU LOL!

  4. Great job 343, you have done everything you see you would do. There is 1 hour lift until Halo 4 is out. Can't wait to play it.

  5. "we always had this sort of schism between multiplayer and campaign and the campaign was completely wrapped in fiction and multiplayer just wasn't"
    When you're trying to push the halo story into multiplayer, you destroy the fun of just playing a sandbox game. thanks for removing elites. go fuck yourself 343

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