Dishonored Exclusive: Stealthy, Gruesome Murder

In Dishonored you play a supernatural assassin capable of sneaky stealth takedowns, animal possession, and balls-to-the-wall destructive carnage. Which will you choose?

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  1. *blinks in* You templars think you can take me on? Ha!! *posseses one templar and kills all the others, unposseses and kills templar blinks up to Enzio* Now thats how you assasinate you noob *blinks out*

  2. I think you'd like to know I'm motherfucking Chuck Norris. I've obliterated over 9000 kung fu "masters". I've starred in movies, I'm a bigger star than you could dream. Speaking of stars, I could cause one to go super nova just by flicking the air towards it. If I wanted to I could destroy the universe, and than create a new to my liking. I can walk into Soviet Russia and still come out the same! Now I'm done wasting my time here, so give Emily my regards. *flys away*

  3. If you guys could look at my channel that would be sick, I'm an Aussie that plays all sorts of games, not much videos at the moment but i will keep uploading! feedback appreciated.

  4. Dude, it's a standard troll/lying response. just google it to see how many times that very same reply, word for word, has been used by dickless internet 'tough' guys.

    What I'm trying to say is: don't even bother replying to people too dumb to even make up original exaggerated threats.

  5. This is the 2nd best game I have ever played. I don't even know, maybe it IS the best game….
    Definitely the most FUN game anyway.
    Best Graphics.
    Best Combat and sandboxy thing.
    Best almost everything.

  6. You think you're the best assassin ever? I'm Connor Kenway, the Native American never told in the history books about the Revolutionary War. I've have killed over 200 redcoats with my hidden blade, penetrated through the volleys of Bunker Hill, and I killed 6 Templar leaders, including my own father. Tomahawk chop is my death blow. Deal with it, bitches. *Does a leap of faith*

  7. No Offense,But Despite it's Way More Advanced Graphics and Magic Powers,The First Two Games of the "Thief"series,Especially the "Thief The Metal Age",were Way More Game-Immersive for The Player than Dishonored It's.Playing as Garrett-that More Than Obvious Has Inspired the Dishonored'Game Developers, I Really,Really Feel Like in There,and even after Hundred if not Thousand Times,I Cannot Get Enough of "Thief",whilst for "Dishonored" after two or three times only You Feel Completely Disengaged.:(

  8. What did you say to me, bitch? I'm the bestest player around my home. And you, you little babby shit, is nothing compared to my shit.

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