Dishonored: Creating Steampunk Beauty

There’s more to Dishonored than gruesome murder and stealthy assassinations. We sat down with Arkane Studios’ art team to discuss the creation of their steampunk-inspired beauty.

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  1. Been playing this game for almost two days non stop. This game is fucking amazing, It can take 3 hours just to do one mission and get 100% in it. So many different choices of how to do your mission and I love steampunk. This game is fucking epic!

  2. The ball level has the single absolute most stunning atmosphere I have ever seen in a video game and maybe even in real life.

  3. Not really steam punk because they run of whale oil? Lol but I understand why they classify it as steam punk, because of its old classic feel with a hint of technology rising, pretty sick game

  4. Don't care if theres a arguement if ti should be Dishonoured or dishonored, i made a story once and i spelled color and colour in the same sentence still means the same word.

  5. The setting is my favourite thing ever created. Sometimes I go back to the game just to admire it, the gameplay doesn't even matter. The world os just so lovely

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