BioShock Infinite: Motorized Patriot – Heavy Hitters Part 1

The Irrational Games team discuss the Motorized Patriot, a creepy automized patriot featured in BioShock Infinite.

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  1. They make him sound great, but the video footage the AI is basically ignoring him and standing still..  Where's the unrelenting terminator that doesn't stop?  Where's the fact that you can't get away from this guy?  Fighting him kind of looks like a choice that you can simply opt not to bother with.

  2. The motorized Patriot scared the Hell out of me, I even had a dream about him after I played the game for the first time lol

  3. I am very curious, if they made a Motorized Patriot for every president, how would they all look. Also, imagine an Obama Motorized Patriot that says stuff like "Change" and "Yes we can" before it open fires on you

  4. This enemy scares me. I was even afraid of the friendly ones you get from tears. And I was worried that statue of Comstock in the First Lady would attack me. Thank god it didn't. But at least when you get its gun, you suddenly turn into the Heavy from Team Fortress 2.

  5. I just fell in love with patriots. I doubted if I ever liked Infinite (the game looked too… bright after bioshock 1&2), but when I saw Washington with a gatling gun my heart melted 😍

  6. am I completely crazy/colorblind, or does the original Motorized Patriot have a star-spangled gunstar on the Peppermill, rapidly cycling red white and blue??

  7. In my opinion, this is the scariest bioshock enemy upp until now, i absolutely DESPISE how unsettling he is, i dont like the friendly ones either. Its a great enemy, very well made, but way to creepy, if i actually was in Columbia and this thing charged towards me, id straight up jump off the citty.

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