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The Last of Us – Game Informer Coverage Trailer

A trailer showing off Game Informer’s month of exclusive coverage on Naughty Dog’s new survival-action game called The Last Of Us.

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  1. This is a work of art masterpiece. Not just a game. A quality game that would make gamers attached to it. Its all about the experience and emotions that gamers would feel in every single stunning way. Todays gaming is changing, focusing on somewhat not important and sometimes do games just for money. Gaming is really changing, forgetting the original formula of creating such a highclass,masterpiece, quality epic games like this.

  2. LOL I Loved And Hated That ashley Couldn't do shit Hahaha Really scared me to death playing that game, I really think this game will be quite different though 😀 Im so excited!

  3. here's my thought on Drake and the Last of Us. Some people think Joel and Drake are related. After seeing the Last of Us easter egg in Uncharted 3, I have a feeling Drake is the father of Joel. Joel says "that is before my time" when Ellie offers him the tape. Well tapes are not before Drake's time. Drake should be in this game though.. that would be awesome.

  4. PS3. I'd wait at least a year or two for the Wii U to come down in price and establish itself as a console. You don't want to buy it and then no good games come out for it.

  5. at 1:49, the guy with the pole's arm looks wierd and the textures for the car beheind them are blurry. also you see a dead guy in the bottom left that looks like he's staring at joel's butt

  6. The easter egg in Uncharted 3 was only to hint at Naughty Dog's new game. This game has nothing to do with Uncharted universe. in the trailer, Ellie offers Joel a mix tape. when he says "that is before my time", meaning the song came out before he was born. Ellie gave him the tape cause she thought it might have been around during his time.. before everything went to shit.

  7. I think you should get the PS3 now and wait a little bit on the wii u. That what I'm doing. I got a PS3 last year so I could get into Uncharted, God of War, that kinda stuff. Wait for more games to come out for the wii u is what I'm saying :).

  8. No it isn't. The main character in this game name is Joel and the 14 year old girl is Ellie. The story is Joel made a promise to one of his friends that if anything ever happen to him, Joel would get Ellie out of the Quarantine Zone.

  9. Doesn't matter now… why bother responding a year after my comment? We have all finally played the game and Drake wasn't' there! Nolan North was, so that was cool. UC4 obviously won't have fungus infected beasts. I'm looking forward to seeing something about UC4 soon though. The Last of Us had a calendar that said October 2013 in the game.. maybe that's a hint at a UC4 reveal?

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