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Sleeping Dogs Reveal Trailer

Here’s a live-action reveal trailer for Sleeping Dogs, formerly known as True Crime: Hong Kong.

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  1. hey Square for get the game ( no still do it cause i want to play it) and just do an action move with that guy i think im in love with this trailer O M G thank you Square for this mental orgasm

  2. No, I just dont like it. As a game trailer its shows nothing of the game so, it doesn't do what it supposed to do. And even as a movie its nothing we all haven't seen before.

  3. Video game trailers should not be live action. Does it really need to be said? Blow us away with what we"ll be spending 60$ on. That's the point isn't it?

  4. This film seems really cool. I've been seeing the trailler for a long time. but has this film been released? because I know this trailler has been a long time ago. hope to watch the film in full.

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