(Skyrim) Todd Howard DICE 2012 Keynote

Entitled – “Why we Play, Why we Create.” Bethesda’s Todd Howard talks about best practices in creating compelling games.

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  1. OMG I WISH THEY KEPT MOST OF THE STUFF FROM THIS WEEK OF IDEAS JEZUS THE GAME WOULD BE SOOOO MUCH BETTER LIKE WTF. Freaking consoles man… always reducing visuals and fun becouse they are so weak ;C

  2. bethesda is just fucking LAZY horse-shit to add all this thing even the fucking SPEARS that fanbase has been asking for a very long time. I don't why but thinking how horse-shit bethesda is with balancing and tweaking the game, instead they removed a lot of features that make Elder Scrolls a Elder Scrolls game. Spellcrafting for example is proven to be exploitable yes in previous game but why remove it instead balancing it? if modding community can make a simple balance tweaks mod to avoid that exploits why can't bethesda?!! same for spears why is that? all this decade I'm still can't comprehended what Bethesda actually doing with their bankruptcy creativity… if Bethesda only relying on modding community to fix bugs glitchs exploit to add to creative the game then what's the point???

  3. It's insane how much of the dlc's / free content was from that game jam. Even more, it's crazy how much cool stuff couldn't be implemented. Flails and spears? Yes please!

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  5. They finally added the giant mudcrab fight 9 years later in the anniversary edition.. Wow this should have been dlc along with all the other additional content that the anniversary edition comes with. But we got hearthfire.

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