GameSpot Reviews – Twisted Metal (PS3)

Carolyn rediscovers the simple joys of killer cars driven by psychopaths in this review for Twisted Metal.

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  1. Damn, I'm a huge TM fan since ps1.  I haven't played it, but from my speculation, the game play and graphics looks up to par, the only thing that I think may be missing is the original character cast & custom vehicle mode…. =*(

  2. I really liked Small Brawl alot. It was cool seeing young Clypso was the neighborhood bully and axel was a kid from a different neighborhood that got brought in.

  3. What really sucks is that they made the game too realistic.
    By that I mean there are no weapons like Orbital had in TM4. Mr.Grimm is a human and not a skeleton which sucks. Too real looking. Its just that there arw no alien like weapons and stuff.

  4. You forgot to mention the most important part. The AI ruins the game. The second you spawn every single enemy. And I mean every single one just homes in on you and you can't do shit. They just juggle you. This game SUCKS ass.

  5. I was a huge twisted metal fan growing up, played the shit out of TM2 and Black. Just downloaded this one though and having trouble getting into it. Maybe I'm just getting old, but this one makes me disoriented. So much going on, confusing level design, and the combat isn't as fun as I remember when playing TM Black when I was 15. I dunno, just can't get into it.

  6. Only problem with this game was the online multiplayer. Utterly broken connections. Otherwise, it’s the dream of a nightmare all twisted metal fans ever wished for

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