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  1. Great game. Playing it now. A little too bright for my taste but the gameplay is indeed satisfying. The large world itself is amazingly done but the characters are mostly rehashes of previous encountered characters. Overall its still a must play for people who like WRPGs. There's a ton of content and the gameplay really shines!

  2. How is that possible? You didn't spend much time on this game. I couldn't bring myself to not look around, finding items and secret areas. Crafting. Talking to almost every NPC (lol) not to mention mixing character play styles.

  3. This game is soo awesome. I always tend to go for the full on action titles or sports/racing/1v1 fighting titles. But I've always longed for the lore, fantasy and exploration that games of this genre encourage. Very satisfying experience. My rating 8.5/10

  4. I just started the game, I like it and I see myself continuing for a couple of hours. But man, I know what you mean. I took all the quests without even knowing what the heck the NPCs said. lol

  5. At least this game wasn't a buggy mess like Skyrim at release.

    Oh and the quests in Skyrim we're wonderful!





    Fuckin' wow.

    Skyrim's quest design was piss-poor.

  6. this game is great. only thing missing is multiplayer. i hate how games like Diablo 3 get praised for being super generic. Oh look, you're in the dessert world. enjoy tons of shades of brown with below Zero artistic direction. oh look, ur in a cave now. enjoy tuns of hues of blue with a single rock texture spread through out the a linear path. Ugggh!!! this game at least tries to make environments interesting while Diablo couldn't give 2 craps. only thing missing is multiplayer.

  7. True. instead of having to listen to countless points of narration it is parceled out in different forms like the books and the "lore stones". If other RPGs had this kind of combat they would be gang busters but most are clunky and cumbersome. This is cool cause it's kinda like Dynasty warriors with a splash of elder scrolls. I don't play many of these RPG's. More of a shooter fan. do you know other RPG's that play like this with an emphasis on combat? I'd like to try skyrim but not sure.

  8. So you're saying Skyrim was better? how so? I'm being serious. I liked this game because it has great sword play. If Skyrim is anywhere close to it then I would love to play it.

  9. Deserved a higher score tbh, mainly because it's a different style of RPG.. Not strong on story but on character creation development. That isn't a negative.. and tbh should be seen as a bridge gap.. til Diablo 3's release 🙂

  10. I like this game because most fantasies are childish and would probably be rated E. But this game takes fantasy and brutal blood and gore, mixes them together, and makes a rated M over the top fantasy game. 10/10 for me.

  11. This game is waaaay better than I thought it was from the first hour of gameplay. I find it comparable to skyrim. It definetly needs the FXAA injector tool for the graphics though. They're just bad.

  12. "Generic" This is coming from the guy who gave Skyrim and Dragon Age 9 and 9.5/10 respectively and although great games their art styles are meh and in skyrim's case it's quests are mostly shallow. 

  13. Nice review. I just played the demo and I can agree with VanOrd. The combat is extremely fun and flexible, and the amount of character customization is incredible. Everything else, despite the original premise of your character, is generic.

  14. In my opinion skyrim was one oblandest games I have ever played.
    No real depth to any of it. and no color to the world. way to much emphasis on realism I guess but just bland bland bland. And no effing boss fights.
    Also the Chests you would open. I remember spending like 15 mins and 20 lockpicks on a huge chest and when I opened it I discovered 52 gold and Garlic clove. Im like OOO K..

    Kingdoms is much better I think. Very pleasing to the eye for one. Awesome boss fights. Loot is very cool.
    Story is just fine by me. Never really Got into any story in any game.
    If its to in depth and deep it tends to get tedious and draggy.

  15. i payed about 5 euros for it, played koa for about 5 hours, until i got out of the cave and then something vague came up about fate and shit and the plot died and so did my interest. I never picked it up again.
    I would like to know if it gets any better any time soon, though..

  16. 7.5? This is one of the best games I've ever played. I'm waiting for maybe a couple years to play it again. I want to relive the experience again. I can't wait.

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