GameSpot Now Playing – Asura's Wrath (Xbox 360)

Flipping giant turtles and kicking buddhas in the face? It’s gotta be Asura’s Wrath. Producers Kazuhiro Tsuchiya and Hiroshi Matsuyama play through Chapter 8 of their game with us and talk about mechanics, inspiration and Resident Evil commercials!

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  1. why feel sorry for me, im not the only one who was utterly annoyed by this game. Dude, read some reviews,…i ended up taking it back same day it sucked that bad, like 10 mins of cutscenes and 2 mins of fighting, no one wants to play a movie, but hey never cared too much for capcom anyway…lol also, i am entitled to my own opinion 🙂

  2. Oh, dear. Another "reviews are the Gospel" type. And if you took it back the day you got it, you really didn't give it much of a chance. Well, whatever. Have fun with COD, Gaylo, Unfarted and Mass Defect. ;D

  3. Another bloody zombie. Get over it. Not everyone on the planet likes Mass Effect. No fail in that. A real fail is hating on something different and unique. ME's story may be good to a degree, but it's gameplay isn't very special.

  4. Zombies can be killed by Holy weapons like crosses as well. But now that I see you're a bot (Powered by Google…), all I need is a virus or simply pull your plug out.

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