Dear Esther – Opening Gameplay (PC)

Where are you? Who are you? The mysteries of Dear Esther being on this shoreline.

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  1. It's an experimental first-person adventure game. All focus is on the story. I don't think you can expect to do much other than explore and uncover more of the story, which I understand is suppose to be really good.

  2. pretty much not worth 10 bucks. worth 5$ however. Level Design is amazing thats a +. sound track is amazing thats also a +. Visuals are amazing for the source engine. also a +. however after that its just a pretty looking short film in game form. Dont feel like I got what i feel that I wanted. I dunno, personally I think if you watch a playthough you would get more out of it. rather than spending money to watch an hour long game. However if you want to support the indies buy a copy.

  3. This game does look very beautiful and I'm tempted to buy it on steam since it's on sale for £1.74. Out of curiosity though is there any sort of action or horror to the game?

  4. So has anyone played this game yet? If there's no horror theme or such in this game, I'd definitely buy it, looks amazing. But I'll probably buy it anyway even if there's a little horror element in this game.

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