Borderlands 2 – Doomsday Trailer

You’re going to need a lot of guns to survive the Doomsday that has come in Borderlands 2. Check out the characters, the visceral action and even a dancing robot.

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  1. Seeing this badass trailer back when i was 4 was not only an experience seeing the trailer itself around 10 times that day, but this is when i started gaming alongside with bioshock

  2. 2022 and still the best borderlands games yet!

    Tiny Tina Wonderlands is fantastic though! Best one since 2. BL2 is still the pinnacle of RPGs though!

  3. Gearbox did so well with Borderlands 2 that they couldn't do anything to top or outdo it with Borderlands 3. Same reason why Valve won't make Half Life 3

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