Triple Impact Trailer – Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Loads of action packed in this new CG trailer for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

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  2. People who hated on this game just cause it wasn’t survival horror missed out on how badass this game was. Greatest memories ever with this game. Not with the story mode, but online. Love the characters, love everything about this game. Wish they’d bring it to PS4 So I can see the online lobbies full again.

  3. They should have made a good reboot for this game, it had a good setting premise but unfortunately it was unplayable at it's controls.

    It could have been an awesome 3rd person shooter

  4. "stealth op"
    wears the umbrella logo on their uniforms while committing many crimes such as murder and evidence tampering…well

  5. This should be titled… How to ruin one of the greatest horror setting of all time…
    I agree the trailer is good though

  6. Capcom really needs to either remake this game or at least make a PS4 VERSION & make it so we can play as ALL 6 TEAMMATES when we play online in campaign mode!

  7. I know this isn't canon, but I almost wish it was-if the game had worked out like the trailer. A female soldier taking on a Licker with a knife and actually winning? Survivors of the RCPD and civilians being hunted down by an Umbrella team who open fire on a US military Special Forces team without hesitation to Cover Up Umbrella's Apocalyptic failure in Racoon City? The Tyrants simply hunting and killing everyone? This could have actually been good…

  8. I don't remember seeing this anywhere in the game….yet they made it look as if it is part of the in-game storyline…but as far as I remember it is not in the U.S.S. or Spec Ops missions anywhere.

  9. Welp, a fake trailer. They released like a half of a game, then after the month released a SPECOPS DLC with the second part of the campaign, and guess what? Those DLCs are priced higher than the vanilla game. Noice, huh?

  10. Any game companies should give this awesome resident evil operation Raccoon City a big remake for ps5 ps4 Xbox S Xbox One and PC and first time ever allowed OFF Line co-op 2 3 and 4 multiplayer to allow players to joining the fight in main Campaign operation of umbrella mode and create our own umbrella security special forces team and OFF Line single mode unlock Hunk to become playable as 4th Survivor from orginal Resident evil 2 Nintendo 64 .

    Give fans the power to creating our own resident evil games not by Capcom

  11. they tried twice with this and "umbrella core" and the concept is there but it's been badly executed both times :/ personally i like the more action themed RE games but i see why the fanbase dislike these

  12. Capcom remake Operation Raccoon City could be a Horror Battle Front game just like Star Wars Battle Front 2015 and Battle Front 2 original playstation 2 game.

    Resident Evil Outbreak 1 and 2 for better future for all consoles cause both of these remakes needs a oFF Line multiplayer co-op Cooperative Campaign mode

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