The Darkness II Launch Trailer

Jackie Estacado returns in The Darkness II, and he’s brought some old friends with him.

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  1. Lol some peole dont have darkness 2 but I do and i completed all and i am 100 yay oh and that gives u a lot of trophy I have 98 of the darkness 2 i just need two more and done I finish darkness 2 all trophy

  2. The Darkness was a nearly perfect game. the second one to me wasnt nearly as good, but utilizing both serpent heads at the same time was a perfect idea. I felt like they could have put in way more effort than they did. I’d rather see a movie than a part 3

  3. For those of you who are fans of the games I HIGHLY recommend you read the comics. Jackie Estacado is so much cooler in them. In the games you only get to see him control 2 serpents and one minion. In the comics? He can create an army of them.

  4. if there ever is a movie for the darkness then just have keanu reeves be jackie they also are pretty similar in looks and how they both are badass and always be taking random weapons and just taking out all the people coming at em

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