Postal III – Badger Gun? – The Gun Show

We go through all the gear in Postal III and give you the best ride you’ll ever have with this title.

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  1. Clearly not professional gamers, no postal game gets a bad rating, you don't see what makes this game fantastic and they should just be fired.

  2. Wow, if gamespot hates this game so much why make a video of it? I enjoy the franchise for its humor, and I didn't mind 3 at all. All you hear in this video is bitching…..

  3. F*ck you bro postal 3 is an awesome game, its just that you guys get easily affended and the only reason for all these glitches is because they have a low budget. This game is one of my favorites and I support it. I see nothing wrong with it at all

  4. its a bad game. the story is awesome, gameplay is good, weapons are cool, graphics are okay. The only problem is the fps

  5. Yeah it sucks big time, Russian game design at its worst. Whoever gave this a 3.0 was obviously taking happy pills. I wouldn't have given it a 1.0.
    My friend downloaded this off Pirate Bay for nothing and, after we'd had a bit of a play, we both agreed even that was too expensive as it was a total waste of space.
    If you've paid for this you need help, seriously.

  6. This game made me sad.  Postal 2 isn't a good game technically, it has a LOT of flaws but it worked well enough and it was fun to play especially after A Week in Paradise.  But while I found this game funny at times, the gameplay was miserable.  Some of the worst hit detection ever.  Yet somehow it was in development for a good 5 or so years, I remember hearing it announced in like 2006!

  7. I played all the games even the first one and i never thought they were bad i love the series. And it looks like most people agree to me judging from the comments it doesn't suck

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