EFMS – History of Loading Screens

Everything you ever wanted to know about the exciting world of loading screens.

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  1. I remember Jak X's interactive loading screen, it was awesome! There was just text LOADING and using left analog stick You would move it and left one would move it the other way and it was spinning around and stuff.

  2. Well I'd say anyone who plays something like Train Simulator for extended periods definitely could spend close to seven years in front of loading screens…
    Recently replayed the first three Jak and Daxter games and never realised how fluent they are before, barely realise they're loading stuff because the game always keeps moving…and that was some 14 years ago now.

  3. When You play Crash Bandicoot Tag Team Racing, you have interactive loading screen. Press one button and Crash farts, press second button and Crash burps. 🙂

  4. Dead Space series barely has any loading screens. Why don't other games employ that?
    Also, Dead Space doesn't have 2D HUD, and other games don't do that(or very rarely), which also confuses me.

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