Death Rises – Darksiders II Behind the Mask Trailer (PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Meet your protagonist Death in this behind the scenes trailer for Darksiders II.

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  1. when i was solving those puzzles and figuring it all out, it felt like being tied to a chair in a basement and having your nails pulled (solved them all myself cause walkthrough is for quitters). i guess was just more anxious towards the fighting gameplay…i get it if doing puzzles is your fun way of killing time though

  2. Alright man, keep talking shit if it makes you feel better. If you were an intellectual person you wouldn't jump into people's quotes and start calling them names because of your judgmental opinions. Happy puberty!

  3. Ha, no one said I am a kind intellectual person. It is a blatantly obvious fact that you sir are not. Quotes? Who exactly were you quoting? I only expressed how obvious this game is, while you are complaining for a game so easy you don't think.

  4. wait they went bankrupt oh fuck well someone better continue the series because their was going to be 4 one for war one for death one for strife one for fury and those are all the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse

  5. this is so sad. The Darksiders series was is one of the best action games out there in terms of plot and atmosphere. i was hoping for a 3 or even any new game to come from Vigil. 🙁

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