The Last of Us Premiere Trailer

New from Naughty Dog is their latest IP, the Last of Us!

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  1. I remember seeing the TLOU trailer on tv back in 2013 I didn’t have a play station back then but I was like when I get one this will be my first game because it looks so good! Last year I was finally able to buy one and I played it then right away I played part 2 🙌 best game ever made

  2. I done blame the people who didn’t have high hopes for this game 9 years ago. This trailer isn’t that good all things considering. At least the game was amazing.

  3. My son: finds old PlayStation disc
    My son: Dad, what is this "the last of us" thing?
    Me: puts disc in console, then starts crying
    My son: What is happening dad?
    Me: Sit down you little bastard, we are going on fuckin adventure

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