The Controller – Battlefield 3 – Episode 8 – Finale

Three teams are left standing and $50,000 is up for grabs. This time the noobs have a little help in the Battlezone. Watch who takes the cake, in the Finale of The Controller: Battlefield 3.

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  1. If she has permission to wear her gaming glasses, I'm pretty sure there is nothing wrong with him being able to use his Kontrol Freek extension.

  2. Why the hell is she acting like 28 kills and 12 deaths is such a big deal? I can't believe she even started talking about how all he years of training helped her achieve that. That is honestly so damn sad. And these people call themselves "PROFESSIONALS"

  3. Lol well, When i started watching the show, i thought the Hair Stylist was gonna go early. Mrs. Violence, complained the WHOLE competition. But im happy she actually won the 50k. She was completely defeated mentally lol. Edgar and T were kicking ass and they already won a couple thousand, so either or, it was a good show. 

  4. I know it's old. (Like 4 years old), but after watching this again I realized how Mrs. V said that was her best with a 27 kill. I don't want to be like, THAT guy but first off, you have gaming glasses (though I personally have no idea how much they actually help) and secondly that is your best since you were 3? I started on the Nintendo 64 when I was like 8-9 (I think) and a PS2 around 10-11 years old and been going up through the gens of consoles since. So 11-12 years of gaming (half of which was offline due to no internet). Current K/D on BF:H is 1.9 and I think my BF4 is currently 1.67 (as of this post).

    As for the guy that quit. Fuck you. Staged or not. Contract or not. You let your teammate down because you couldn't have your Kontrol Freak stick extension. Never compete ever again.

  5. With the way the show has been structured, especially the gameplay bits (Just throwing them in a pub match for every single event), it's safe to say they made Proofy act poorly just for the cameras

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