Smuggler vs. Sith Warrior – Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer

In the fourth and final entry of “Choose Your Side,” members of the Star Wars: The Old Republic development team discuss each of the different classes in the game, putting them against each other to see who reigns supreme.

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  1. "There's no right way to play" then removes Unload from Powertech Bounty Hunters because they are forcing Powertechs to be melee -______-

  2. For the people who say "hans solo vs darth vader" Ofcourse darth vader would win he is one of the strongest sith lords ever…

  3. 8/10 times Smuggler Scoundrel lose to Sith Warrior Juggernaut, the other 2 times its more about either luck & skill or level, the Marauder fares a bit better in the speed department, but the Jedi Knight Sentinel is better, but the Gunslinger beats the Scoundrel any day of the week, better damage, faster attack speed, better evasion & cover mechanics

  4. Once on Hoth I was juggernaut tank and some idiot smuggler attacked me pvp.
    The idiot also aggroed a nearby enemy mob on him.And he got killed in two seconds.
    The idiot revived himeself right inthe middle of that mob and got killed again.And again.
    I laughed so hard.

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