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Randy Pitchford's Office Tour

Gearbox’s president and CEO takes us on a tour of his office/gaming museum.

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  1. RANDY,why why why,you lied to us,i told all my m8s bout u being so good,now ive got some very irate pple,an i cant say to them what happened,so as well as an appology which i doubt we will get,we all want our money back,plse anwser me,but i wont hold my breath.

  2. Bad news…. they have the homeworld IP
    say good bye to the franchise that brought relic to the spotlight… and watch it burn like duke nukem and alien colonial marines…

  3. Randy Pitchford's office inspires the same emotions for me as Keith Alexander's Star Trek Enterprise bridge at the IDC…. it's be cool if it was mine, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to punch him in the face.

  4. Well, Duke Nukem was complete bullshit to begin with. Mindless, brain dead crap that rip off other sources & pass it off as its own. It never had a chance. At least the original Alien films will still be remembered & loved long after Borderlands has been forgotten (brain dead garbage with a shit story & no substance tends to get lost in time).

    I feel sorry for the Homeland fans though. Its a Gearshit policy that if it isn't called Borderlands then it is crap.

  5. I'm willing to bet that alot of this stuff was bought with the money Cuntford stole from Sega. While it is known they used money from Sega for the horrible Borderlands games, who the hell knows what else they used it for. The budget was $60 million. I personally enjoyed the game, but I don't see the $60 million when I play it.

  6. hey, at least Gearbox decided to give the development to the original homeworld devs
    but knowing how Gearbox acts they will try to force them to add "dlc units" or something like that.

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