Gotham City Impostors – Video Preview

We check out what happens when people think they are superheroes.

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  1. It's 2012, (next year as mentioned) and everything about this game is absolutely epic and it's free to PLAY. Not free to get up to level 5, not free to use the stock weapons, but absolutely FREE. You don't have to spend real money at any point unless you want to: you get coins and XP for playing which go towards costume items and item unlocks respectively. Not to mention a bunch of fun (and funny) character voice line sets (which you can also unlock) that make the game even funner. 5 Stars!

  2. Pagar 40 conto nesse jogo? NUNCA!

    Paguei 37 reais onten no Batman Arkham City e Asylum Original pela Steam. ja to jogando aqui, vale bem mais a pena do que esse jogo ai. Sai fora! roubar o cego… f2p agora!!

  3. See add on tv for game, looks awesome….. 4 months later, OMG ITS FREE ON STEAM!
    4 hours of donwloading…. YAYA ITS GOING REALLY FAST ITS AT 27% MOTHER F8&^ER!

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