GameSpot Reviews – Anno 2070 (PC)

Watch Kevin build a new future for humanity in this review for Anno 2070.

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  1. The start of the review is absolutely bang on. The addictiveness of just doing 1 more quest before you turn it off. The UPlay is the only thing I hate about this game. 

  2. This is the perfect builder game. I absolutely love it. Combat is pretty weak though, but I dont play these games to fight, I play them to build 🙂

  3. Great game, horrible review. Honestly it feels like the reviewer just played the first few missions of the campaign and nothing else. There´s so much more to it that he could have gone over but nope, instead we only get to see a few snapshots of the first campaign missions and cinematic trailers. Im fairly sure that people who are looking for information before their purchase aren't interested in how fancy the cinematics look, but rather what gameplay you get for your money. Not to mention, the reviewer´s voice/tone was awful.

    If you want to find out what this game is about go look up a lets play of it, atleast you'll get to see what you're buying.

  4. I have heard the game has a 3 limit system activation but after 30 days you gain that activation back but then someone below says it's been removed but I dont think it has

  5. How would this compare to something like City Skylines, other than the time period difference? From what I gather and based off playing the first game in the series (so long ago I forget the name), Anno is more about resource management and trade while Skylines is more about city management and design, correct?

    This is $7.49 for the base game and $9.99 for the complete edition on Steam right now. I think I'm going to take the plunge.

  6. dont buy this game.uplay will rip u off!!! it happen to me buy the game+full dlc.but till now i cant play the game..server always offline.the best part is u cant play in offline mode.

  7. When someone talks about a game for 4 and a half minutes without stating much flaws, I presume said game to deserve at least a 9 out of 10. (8•P)

  8. Why can't games be like when you buy games back in the early 2000's? When you bought a game, it just worked. You didn't need Internet and depend on the developers servers to play the game! I'm not buying.

  9. Another example why DRM sucks: Gamers (including me) cannot play Anno 2070, a single player game, since two days ago due to a server authentication problem (

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