GameSpot Plays Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Lead Designer Ian Frazier and Producer Sean Bean (not that one) sit down with Dan Chiappini to play through a Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning quest and chat about how the game handles classes, lore, MMO origins and much more!

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  1. My last "huge" RPG was Dragon Age, which once you do all the DLC and whatnot is fairly massive. But you're more or less always stuck with what you choose in the first 5 minutes. Yea they let you specialize, but you get a few stat points and 4 new (and usually worthless) skills to waste points on. I still love the game to death, but this one makes that problem vanish. The other thing is that you can choose as you go, and if you screw up just respec, rather than hit 45 hours and suck to death.

  2. Some of you people are like old-fashioned zombies, but instead of wandering around saying 'braaains,' you wander around saying 'WoW clooone,' at games that aren't anything like WoW. Zombies these days…

  3. It is a bit more linear than Skyrim, some areas are not accessible or need something else to be done first but it is a huge map that you can explore and get side quests and similar things.

  4. played WoW for 8 years. FUCKING SICK OF IT. YES, WoW killed EVERY mmo after it came out. EVERY single one is now a mockup of a OK game. Anarchy Online was GOD in my head… up till that alien expac. But that being said….. Is it really so bad they raised the ENTIRE MMO bar?

  5. Cartoon-y ogres, elf-y environments, and tons of arcade-y blips and bloops for every single attack…..yeah, no thanks.

  6. So you're saying that any other game that has Smithing, Alchemy and Pickpocketing is a Skyrim copy and paste because Skyrim has it? Skyrim didn't invent them. You say the game is like Skyrim yet you've never even played it.

  7. You do realize that everything Skyrim has done, has been done years ago? Pretty much everything in video game fantasy RPGs have been influenced by Dungeons & Dragons (which itself was influenced by Lord of the Rings and fantasy fiction in general).

  8. I'm a big fallout and elder scrolls fan, great rpg's. I got this game with my ps3, didn't really want to play it. I have since picked it back up and really got into it, a very enjoyable game, will be looking out for the MMO version for sure.

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