The Controller – Battlefield 3 – Episode 5 'Buried Alive'

It’s elimination day and 4 teams remain. The noobs get buried alive and it’s up to the pros to dig them up! See who gets sent home packing in episode 5 ‘Buried Alive’ of The Controller: Battlefield 3.

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  1. I feel no symphony for the guy parted with her, the first time i've would've heard her rant about the something stupid i would tell that bitch off

  2. Gives the winner extra time practicing, makes them use a different way of controlling the game than they actually use in the competition. I can't be the only one who thinks this doesn't make sense.

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  4. I really hope when the purple bitch gets eliminated that she takes it "personally" and breaks down. I really want red team to win

  5. Light blue team should have picked the dark blue team for the battle zone not purple team because they were on the blue teams team in fire fight

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