The Controller – Battlefield 3 – Episode 4 "Fire Fight"

In episode 4, no one goes home but there’s money to be had! That and our contestants get to blast each other in the face! Let’s see who takes home the cash in episode 4 of The Controller: Battlefield 3, Fire Fight.

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  1. I think theyre playing on PCs all the time, they just have ps3 controllers. You probably wouldnt want to play any competitive game on console graphics. Its still nonsense that they have to play on controllers tho.

  2. hey i know somebody has probably said this before but airsoft guns do NOT sound like that… they put in crappy repetitive sound effects

  3. Why did they no use Paintball Guns? People could just simply say they were not hit when it comes to air soft pellets but with paintball guns it is much more obvious that someone was hit.

  4. obviously they cannot reach such heights as alot of airsoft players, but then again you wont even be able to compete with real military/milsim players. so there is no point in gloating. come back when your a professional milsim player who struggles everyday to be the best.

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