Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Gamers Day Trailer

Welcome to Raccoon City, population… undead.

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  1. its okay dude we still have resident evil 6 to see how that turns out
    im at the part where i just collected all the EMP's
    etc fun fun game lol

  2. despite the hate this game is getting i actually like it. the only problem i have is that single player is to short, the AI's are not to great ( example when there are mines sitting around) and the graphics of the game kind of look ps2ish. besides that it isn't bad at all and it really shines with verses. as far as it staying like the old game ( as people tend to complain about this all the time) i'm pretty sure if a game follow the same concept every series it will get boring.

  3. Thumbs up this comment and get placed in Raccoon City, Thumbs down it and be placed in Silent Hill, Ignore it and be placed in a room with a pissed off, irrational Chuck Norris.

    Laugh if you realize you are screwed either way.

  4. well i think i am a real fan. so i'm not a real fan, cause i like all of the games. ah i dont care. i also miss the scary parts of the original resident evil games. but i really like both concepts. it looks like resi 6 will be a good mix of both. so i hope that someday ALL the resident evil fans will enjoy the same game and no one has to argue. 😉

  5. yeah thats true. i have to agree on this point, but i've just played re:orc and i thought it's actually a lot scaryer than 4 and 5. but you're right, it really is not that originally anymore.


    This resident evil sucks a lot….it's just a shooter and the zombies are not scary….and why you primary gun does CHICHY CHICHY when shooots !?!?!?
    anyway i hope re 6 will be better >_> hope….

  7. 4-6 части говно, концепция игры поменялась всецело и полностью. Первые три части игры были квестами, это после для большей аудитории сделали из игры стрелялку. Тем более, игра Raccoon City дерьмо, искусственный интеллект врагов очень плохой, сценарий дерьмо. И почему главный злодей русский? Компания Capcom – идите нахуй, и Миллу Йовович ссобой заберите… суки классику испоганили…

  8. Lol @ BHVampireLF. Listen, I've played almost every resident evil game as far as 1-5 go so far… (The first game came out around when I was 6 or 7, and I watched my Mom beat all 3 original games when they came out.) I haven't played 5 yet, I'm in the process of playing this one. The series has progressed, and I think in a good way. If it were to stay the same from day 1, people would've gotten bored with it. I enjoy this game so far, and look forward to 6.

  9. Yes you are the only one.
    For me the last Resident evil game for me was 4 because of the atmosphere, the other ones had great story but … not my kind of game

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