Original Rap Video – Saints Row: The Third

Check out this original rap collaboration between Broken Pixels, Evil Rocket Ship and Nfamous gamers in this Saints Row: The Third Video.

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  1. This rap is one of the only good things about this game. Fun as it was, I must admit, it was certainly one of the most disappointing games of all time. And to give you an idea of what my fandom is for both GTA and Saints Row, I really fucking love GTA (except 4, Jesus), but I'd die for the Row (basically, my life revolves around the old Saints Row games, specifically 2).

  2. Who took the cross off of the los carnales who put a pause on the vice king ballers who stole control from the west side rollers who showed the brotherhood what's really good who stole control from under the roain

  3. can you please make a version of this but just the rap, not the video/gameplay? Please. I trying to show my friends this but I dont wanna send them half-nude gameplay its weird to me

  4. Man you could really tell that the guy that wrote this song is a huge fan of the Row! Great song! If only he knew how bad this game would derail the series, ah well at least SR4 was a fun conclusion. Stilwater forever! Long live the Row!

  5. I hope in saint V they keep the balance of saint row 1, 2 & 3 because 4 was just just too much it should have been realistic 70% would have been good ratio!

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