Kinect: Disneyland Adventures Launch Trailer

Kinect: Disneyland Adventures is now available!

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  1. I remember playing the game on my XBOX 360 in 2012 until I've started going to the real Disneyland in 2013 one year later and I've boy caught the game ever since I went to the park. Until all the way right up to 2020 it was my birthday and I've turned 24 and I got an XBOX ONE so I can have not only Disney Plus in my bedroom but play new games like Disneyland Adventure. Now I know we've seen that game before. But the difference with the XBOX ONE version of the game is that you can have two choices. You can do the kinect or the game controller. I like the controller a lot better because it's a step up to the one I've originally have back in 2012. I did have fun on my XBOX ONE getting the game 100% but it's really not easy.
    I got a question about the game. Can you do two players with the XBOX ONE Controller if you have a second Controller?
    The reason why I'm asking this question because what if you don't have online game players to play with you.

  2. If I remember correctly , the song was remade for this trailer by the original band /singer , the original song tittle was “the good life” it was a bit different but not by much now the problem is I don’t remember what the original authors name was nor can I find the song on youtube.

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